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Private sessions are a great way to begin, continue, or deepen your practice. Practicing one-on-one or with your corporate team can help clarify any questions, focus your attention and keep you motivated. Unique sequencing is created specific to your needs and sessions are scheduled for your convenience.


Children's Yoga

Wednesdays 4:30pm @ Sacred Sounds Yoga

Children's classes use age-appropriate poses, stories, and games to build self-esteem and a lifelong love of movement. Preschoolers practice the Yoga ABC's, sing and dance to nursery rhymes, and act out stories with yoga shapes. Older children's classes include short yoga sequences with more advanced poses, games, and a brief story and discussion.


Pre- and Postnatal Yoga


Tuesdays, 10am @ Prenatal Yoga Center
Saturdays 9am and 11am @ Prenatal Yoga Center

Tuesdays 1pm @ Prenatal Yoga Center

Pre- and Postnatal Yoga focuses on strength and flexibility - in all areas of parenting.

Prenatal Yoga uses modified poses in addition to prenatal specific exercises to ease common aches and pains during pregnancy and to tone, stretch and strengthen for delivery. Music and discussion weaved throughout class empowers the pregnant student to remember the inherent strength and wisdom of their bodies and to make the choices that best suit their births.

Postnatal Yoga focuses on re-strengthening the body following birth in a safe and gentle way. Areas of focus include strengthening and toning the deep abdominals and pelvic floor, opening the chest and shoulders, and stabilizing the low back. Caprice's Postnatal Yoga classes include activities for Parent & Baby bonding in addition to Baby Massage.


Pelvic Floor Yoga

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The pelvic floor is the foundation of all movement, but its health is often overlooked. A private session can address common pelvic floor issues including pelvic pain, incontinence, pain with intercourse, or prolapse. Additionally, pelvic floor yoga can be particularly helpful for those in the post-partum stage. As with all private yoga sessions, the work is tailored to the individual’s needs.